GCSE Numeracy Resources

Over the past six months I have been working with the WJEC and Cynnal to produce a set of resources for the new Numeracy GCSE. The resources are now available on WJEC's resources website; here is a summary of the material available.

1. Washing Line Mathematics

An interactive resource where clothes must be arranged on a washing line so that the smallest answer is on the left hand side and the largest answer is on the right hand side. If you arrange the clothes correctly, they stay on the washing line; otherwise they fall into the mud! The topics include equations; averages and range; and fractions, decimals and percentages.

2. Time Machine

An interactive resource where time must be altered - either day-by-day as in the above example, or perhaps hour-by-hour or minute-by-minute.

3. Logical Puzzles

A collection of interactive puzzles to develop logical thinking. On-line versions (marked by the computer) and off-line versions (for printing) are available.

4. Organising Megan's Party

A worksheet where the task is to decide which shop to use to buy all the ingredients for Megan's party.

5. Upside-down Calculator

A chance to practice calculator skills by typing different sums into the machine and obtaining words by holding the calculator upside-down. A chance also to write your own story by using the provided bank of words.

6. Angles on a snooker table

Measure the potting angle in order to clear the table of the balls. Like all the other resources, full answers are available as well as Welsh and English versions of the resource.

7. Trains mat

An activity where a great deal of information must be processed in order to arrange David's journey from Holyhead to Cardiff.

8. Literacy

A collection of resources for developing literacy within mathematics lessons. The material includes worksheets where the type of sum (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) must be identified; sentences where either a mathematical error or a linguistic error must be identified; and posters (like the above) showing different ways of respresenting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

9. Problem Solving

A series of ten interactive PowerPoint presentations, each of which contains a problem that must be solved. Feedback is provided if the incorrrct option is chosen at certain points in proceedings.

10. Past Examination Questions

A bank of past examination questions on the following topics: right-angled triangles; angles; volume; perimeter and area; loci. A complete set of questions may be printed out, or a randomly chosen set of five questions can be answered interactively on a computer.

11. Numeracy around the home

A selection of five past examination questions, with an opportunity to see the answer either as an examiner's mark scheme; a written answer; or an explanation via video clip.

12. Footballer's Wages

A set of cards where clues must be analysed in order to find the wages of an entire football team and their manager. This is a chance to practice percentages, decimals and fractions as well as to daydream about earning such high wages!

13. Tarsia

A set of cards made using the Tarsia software. Time; number work; equations; directed numbers and decimals activities are available.

14. Bloom's Taxonomy

An interactive resource to discuss the various types of question that occur in mathematics examinations.

15. Revision Menus

A set of mathematical menus designed for revision at the end of the course. Menus are available for each of the three tiers (foundation; intermediate; higher).

Remember to visit the WJEC resources website to see what other resources are available...

Dr. Gareth Evans
April 2015.

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